Air Conditioning Repairs in Barnet, Enfield & Surrounding Areas

Whether it is a leaking unit or below expected performance levels, an issue with your air conditioning system can cause all kinds of problems.

Since 2017, the team here at ABC Air Conditioning Ltd

Has specialised in air conditioning repairs to help commercial and domestic clients resolve their issues. Our friendly and hardworking team provide repairs for a full range of air conditioning units and can also offer free advice and no-obligation quotes.
We are one of North London’s leading air conditioning companies, proud to serve customers in Barnet, Enfield, Finchley, Southgate and beyond.

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Air Conditioning Repair Service

As specialists, we can resolve a range of issues, including:

Dirty filters or coils

Over time, the filters and coils of an air conditioning unit build up dust and other dirt, causing further pressure on the system’s motors. As a result, the motor can struggle to reach maximum performance and may lead to complete failure.

Leaking refrigerant

A leaking refrigerant may lead to a malfunctioning system if left unresolved and can also be detrimental to the environment.

Electrical issues

As with any electrical system, a fault can quickly cause the unit to fail, while many electrical components become worn when used. As specialist air conditioning technicians, we can fix or replace any component for your system to get back to running efficiently.

Sensor issues

Acting as the sensor to check the room temperature, the evaporator coil will prevent the entire system from functioning if not performing correctly. Our technicians have the expertise to resolve such issues efficiently and get the system back running again.

Home or Business Air Conditioning

Unfortunately, air conditioning units can suffer from a range of problems – whether sufficiently maintained or not. As expert technicians, we offer our air conditioning repairs service to both commercial and domestic clients. Our home or business air conditioning services ensure that any issue, no matter how big or small, can be resolved.

Why Choose ABC Air Conditioning Ltd?

Here at ABC Air Conditioning Ltd, our customers choose us for their air conditioning needs for several reasons:

All work fully insured and guaranteed


Free estimates and advice for all customers


Seven year warranty on all Daikin Air conditioning units


Local business working closely with customers in their area

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